Our philosophy

Our approach to rating beers is a little different from what you may have seen before. The reason is that we hope most of you care more about what you can see and hear, than what you can add up in your head. So to make things a little less focused on scores and more on the experience of drinking a particular beer, we keep the numbers to a minimum.

Most people can relate to a score out of 100, however, so that’s what we end up with.

The way we reach that is that each of us gives a score out of 30 for a beer. You’re quite right in thinking that only adds up to 90, so what about the 10 points leftover?

That’s where the “coolness factor” comes in. The coolness factor is a rating out of 10 that we use to convey whether we think a beer has something special about it that really makes it a standout. We each give a score out of 10 and then we average it. There’s your final 10 points!

Ok, so back to the score out of 30. What’s it based upon?

Well, rather than bore you with all the details, let’s just say that we’re doing the hard work for you and generally applying the same criteria that would be used at a professional judging competition. Ok, if you must ask; we’re looking at qualities such as head, aroma, smell, taste, flavour and mouth feel.

Check out the leaderboard page for a run-down of how the beers we’ve scored have fared so far but most importantly; watch, drink and share your experiences with others.

Spread the better beer love!