About the beer men

We’re the beer men. We’re passionate about better beer. Come join us on our guided tasting tour.

Todd Venning
Todd Venning (email: toddv “at” beermen “dot” tv)
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Todd doesn’t have an interesting story to tell you about his upbringing. He doesn’t herald from a long line of master brewers and thankfully was fortunate enough to have a stereotypical childhood. Thanks to a healthy blend of left and right-brain genetic material from his parents, a lot of love and growing up in Perth, Western Australia – the craft beer capital of Australia, he does have a lifelong love of the brew and a 20 year professional obsession with technology. He is fortunate enough to be able to bring these two passions together on a mission to highlight the subtleties, nuances and varieties of beer that to him, place it upon an altar above any other liquid.

He ran an online consultancy business in the ‘90s before the lure of the bright lights of the east coast of Australia became too strong and he headed to Sydney with his wife to move into the black-arts of IT governance, strategy and architecture in various forms within the financial services industry. His wife would say that he’s particularly active in the online world and his peers would say that he’s prone to evaluating emerging and cross-industry technologies within the finance domain for business benefit.

Todd lives life according to the gospels of his 6yr old son & 3yr old daughter – anything is possible if you don’t know what’s possible. Co-host of BeerMen.tv and long-time technology blogger, he believes that the online world opens up new possibilities for what human interactions can achieve on both a personal and professional level.

Mark David
Mark David (email: markd  “at” beermen “dot” tv)

Mark David – is a conflict of interests… a beer guzzler and a rock climbing addict. A cook and food lover but with forks and clothing optional.

An eater of music and loves gorging on the expansiveness of the human brain. None of which you would guess upon meeting him.

Born in Sydney Australia he learned to speak some English before finding his calling in life, which strangely is the continual search for his calling in life.

He runs a successful business, having done so for more than 10 years servicing the hospitality industry. Having close proximity he has intimate knowledge of what’s on tap and what’s drinking large across a wide range of Australian suburbs and venues. Having mapped the evolution of beer in Australia he is In touch with current trends and decision makers alike. He is currently launching a new venture in direct marketing in the hospitality industry.

Oh and he is also a co-host of BeerMen.TV

Stephen Philp Steve Philp (email: steve “at” beermen “dot” tv)

Watching Steve Philp is like watching an episode of 80’s TV show, ” It’s A Knockout” except he assures us no-one will get hurt!! Novocastrian, Actor, Comedian and Former Radio Announcer, Steve has adapted to most things his parole officer has given him.

Starting out on an acting career Steve starred in kid’s stage show’s such as ” Barney the Dinosaur” and ” Blinky Bill” as well as working with The Wiggles on ” The Dorothy the Dinosaur show” and quickly found kids to be on his level of intelligence, so it’s no huge leap to now be found in the stables of “The Beermen”.
A huge passion for beer, heaps of spare time, an uncanny ability to tolerate Todd and see the top of Mark’s head, sees Steve join the Beermen on the journey of Beer discovery.

Damien Siviero
Damien Siviero (email: damien “at” beermen “dot” tv)

Damien is a Sydney based IT guy who has had a love affair with the golden liquid that stretches back over 15 years. Having been an avid home brewer for many years, he maintains a constant supply of draught beer at home with no less than two taps on the go at any one time. When not brewing up beer or IT solutions, Damien is often found pursuing a passion for technical scuba diving. As an internationally published underwater photographer, he strives to capture images that make people stop and appreciate the underwater realm. Damien heavily denies rumours that he religiously consumes one beer for every hour that he is underwater; it is one beer for every minute.

Checkout Damien’s website at http://damiensiviero.com